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HIPPA Compliance
Item: 202104E2Ghip1  

Are you a health care professional or considering a career in the health care industry, or do you provide services to a health care organization? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it is mandatory that you understand the compliance requirements of HIPAA, and subsequent rules and laws that affect HIPAA. These laws require all health care professionals to take careful steps to protect protected health information. In this course you will examine the compliance process. You will focus specifically on the Administrative Simplification portion of HIPAA. This course will give real world examples to explain the Privacy rule. You will examine what is meant by covered entities, business associates, and many other relationships within the health care industry impacted by HIPAA. You will understand how computers fit into the Security Rule and examine many types of safeguards, which are crucial components of the Security Rule. You will also learn about the Office for Civil Rights, HIPAA's watchdog organization.

By the time you finish this course, you will be confident and capable of implementing HIPAA's Administrative Simplification rules, and the laws impacting it, in your own organization. If you are just starting your career in the health care field, you will have a priceless addition to your resume.

This is a six-week instructor led online program. During this term there are three start dates: October 13, 2021, November 17, 2021, and December 15, 2021.

ICD-10 Medical Coding
Item: 202104CTP803451  
Fee: $1,795.00
This is an on-demand Career Training Program Course offered by Ed2Go.  Class begins upon registration and completion of Student Enrollment Agreement in Ed2Go. Click on Course Title for complete course description.

Medical Terminology Series
Item: 202104E2G87193  

Prepare for a career in the health services industry by learning medical terminology.

This is a 12-week online, instructor-led course. Students have two six-week sessions to complete the course. During this term there are three start dates: October 13, 2021, November 17, 2021, and December 15, 2021.