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Medical Terminology Series   

This is a 12-week online, instructor-led course. Students have two six-week sessions to complete the course.

Each lesson starts with a brief overview of the organs in that lesson's organ system. From there, we move on to terminology related to a number of different diseases, diagnostic procedures, and treatment techniques. For each term, you'll learn the meaning of its word parts, as well as the term's definition. There's also a pronunciation guide for the term, an example of its correct usage, and important information you should know related to the disorder, diagnostic procedure, or treatment. Most of the terms include a graphic to help you visualize the material.

Each lesson also comes with an alphabetized glossary that summarizes all of the medical terms in the lesson so you can have them at your fingertips, as well as a course index so you can quickly locate a term anywhere in the course.

To reinforce your learning, the lessons include activities and assignments designed to give you additional practice in understanding and remembering the medical terminology taught in this course. By the end of this course, you'll find that you have greatly increased your knowledge of medical terminology as well as broadened your understanding of human disease!

The following courses are included in this bundle:

Medical Terminology: A Word Association Approach

This course teaches medical terminology from an anatomical approach. Root terms are divided by each body system. The origin, a combined form, and an example of non-medical everyday usage is provided for each root term. Word Associations are provided as a learning tool. Unusual and interesting information is provided in regards to each term. Root terms are combined with prefixes and suffixes as your learning will culminate in the interpretation of several paragraphs of medical notes.

Medical Terminology II: A Focus on Human Disease

Take a journey through the human body and learn medical terminology related to all 11 of its organ systems. In this course, we discuss diseases of the cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, nervous, skeletal, muscular, integumentary (skin), urinary, digestive, and male and female reproductive systems. We also go over different diagnostic and treatment procedures for each system. As you progress through the course, you'll learn the meaning of many prefixes, root words, and suffixes, and you'll greatly increase your medical terminology vocabulary!


Medical Terminology Series
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Prepare for a career in the health services industry by learning medical terminology.
This is a 12-week online, instructor-led course. Students have two six-week sessions to complete the course. During this term there are three start dates: October 14, 2020, November 11, 2020, and Dec 9, 2020.