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Excel Basics
Item: 202104ME20702  

This course focuses on mastering the fundamental tasks performed in Excel, including data entry, basic formula calculations, and formatting and style operations.

Upon course completion you should be able to:

•Identify and understand the different components of the Excel interface

•Enter and convert numerical and text data, dates, and times

•Select, copy, and paste data in a workbook

•Employ elements of style, create images, illustrations, shapes, and hyperlinks in a worksheet

•Arrange, filter, and sort lists of data, apply basic formatting elements to the worksheet

• Formulate basic mathematical formulas and functions, including SUM, AVERAGE, and MAX and MIN VALUE

•Reorganize data by removing duplicates, blanks spaces, and misspellings

•Open, save, and protect the workbook

This is an online, self-paced open registration course.

Excel Tips and Tricks
Item: 202104ME20301  

In this course, you will learn time-saving techniques to boost efficiency, increase productivity and workflow, and improve and advance your skills. Topics include data entry, data organization, data cleaning, elements of style, data sorting, data filtering, and spreadsheet display tips. This course also covers three of the most popular lookup and reference functions: VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and Find + Replace.

This is an online, self-paced open registration course.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Certification Training
Item: 202104CTP803881  
Fee: $595.00
This is an on-demand Career Training Program Course offered by Ed2Go.  Class begins upon registration and completion of Student Enrollment Agreement in Ed2Go. Click on Course Title for complete course description.

Powerpoint for Business
Item: 202104ME20401  

This course will consider how to plan and design effective slideshow presentations using Microsoft's PowerPoint software. It includes practical tips and examples for mapping the presentation, incorporating research, using templates, selecting visual elements, and delivering the presentation.

This is an online, self-paced open registration course.

Visual PowerPoint
Item: 202104ME20501  

By focusing on how to apply basic design principles to slideshow creation, this course will help learners use Microsoft's PowerPoint 365 software to build visually engaging slideshow presentations. Learners will consider how to select images and photographs for use in slides, the importance of arrangement and placement of images, the use of tools like Shapes and SmartArt, methods for presenting data, and the selection of colors and fonts that increase the readability of content.

This is an online, self-paced open registration course.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2019/Office 365 (Self-Paced Tutorial)
Item: 202103ILC1879472
Class Dates: 9/3/2021 - 12/3/2021 Fee: $80.00
This is a fully online course offered by Ed2Go. Click on Course Title for complete description.
Students have 3 months of access to the program upon enrollment in the content providers learning platform.