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Veterinary Assistant   

This program's curriculum, powered by Career Step, was developed by industry professionals with years of experience. The training covers office and exam room procedures, communication and client relations, small and large animal nursing, and more to ensure you’re prepared for the workplace.

Veterinary assistants are primarily found working for veterinary service providers (such as private clinics and animal hospitals) though they may also work for colleges and universities or research facilities. They are part of the $60 billion a year U.S. pet industry, which is increasing the demand for these professionals. There are opportunities nationwide, and the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the demand for veterinary assistants will grow by 19%, or over 16,000 new jobs, before 2026.

Veterinary Assistant
Item: 202302CS27182  

This course, powered by Career Step, provides 188 contact hours to prepare for employment in the high growth industry of veterinary services. Curriculum will consist of animal safety and nutrition, computer fundamentals, client management, pharmacy and pharmacology, lab and surgical procedures and more!

Payment plans availabe through content provider.

OPEN ENROLLMENT Fee: $2,999.00
Enroll anytime throughout the semester. This is a self-paced completely online course.