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Medical Coding and Billing for Outpatient Services   

Like most professions in healthcare, medical coding and billing isn’t a dead-end road. After you complete your training and establish a career in Outpatient Services, you’ll have plenty of advancement opportunities. There’s a number of job titles in the field—and they all provide varying levels of experience, salary potential, and day-to-day responsibilities.
Medical Coding and Billing for Outpatient Services
Item: 202302CS27052  

Medical coding and billing professionals translate medical records into standardized codes used to bill patients and third-party payers such as insurance companies and Medicare.Medical coding and billing professionals usually work on-site at a healthcare facility. Positions can be found in physicians' offices, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, large coding outsourcing companies, and other healthcare facilities.  

Program cost covers instruction, books, laptop (if program is paid in full), and exam fee.  

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OPEN ENROLLMENT Fee: $3,699.00
This is an online self-paced course.