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Certified Network Defender (CND) (Voucher Included)   

This course prepares for the EC-Council Certified Network Defender (CND) exam. You will gain key skills that network engineers need to protect, detect and respond to the threats on their networks.


Hardware Requirements:

  • This course can be taken on either a PC or Mac.

Software Requirements:

  • PC: Windows 8 or later.
  • Mac: macOS 10.10 or later.
  • Browser: The latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are preferred. Microsoft Edge and Safari are also compatible.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Software must be installed and fully operational before the course begins.


  • Email capabilities and access to a personal email account.

Instructional Material Requirements:

The instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and will be available online. The materials are non-refundable upon registration.

To mitigate cyber breaches, many organizations rely on network engineers who protect, detect and respond to the threats on their networks. This online course will prepare you for the Certified Network Defender (CND) exam, a credential that validates your ability to provide continuity of operations during attacks.

The course is ideal for network administrators looking to attain Defense-in-Depth network security preparedness. As a vendor-neutral certification training program, you will work through skills-based, lab-intensive modules based on a job-task analysis and cybersecurity education framework presented by the National Initiative of Cybersecurity Education (NICE). You will also gain skills mapped to global CND responsibilities as well as the Department of Defense (DoD) job roles for system/network administrators.

The course also includes a voucher with enrollment, which covers the fee of the certifying exam upon eligibility. Scheduling and testing will be available through a remote proctor function.

  1. Computer Network and Defense Fundamentals
  2. Network Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attack Section title
  3. Network Security Controls, Protocols, and Device
  4. Network Security Policy Design and Implementation
  5. Physical Security
  6. Host Security
  7. Secure Firewall Configuration and Management
  8. Secure IDS Configuration and Management
  9. Secure VPN Configuration and Management
  10. Wireless Network Defense
  11. Network Traffic Monitoring and Analysis
  12. Network Risk and Vulnerability Management
  13. Data Backup and Recovery
  14. Network Incident Response and Management

What you will learn

  • Understand fundamental networking concepts, analyze networking protocols and implement established standards to design a robust networking infrastructure
  • Assess potential vulnerabilities and threats to network infrastructure, predict the implication of network security breaches and analyze the available countermeasures
  • Examine different network security mechanisms, analyze available security controls and develop strategies to implement and configure these controls
  • Understand the role of network security policies, and develop comprehensive policies that help in protecting network infrastructure
  • Understand the working of various networking devices, and develop strategies for secure configuration of these devices

How you will benefit

  • Exam Eligibility for Certified Network Defender (CND) Exam Number 312-38 with example CND questions
  • Obtain the technical depth required to actively design a secure network
  • Understand how networks operate, what software is automating and how to analyze the subject material
  • Gain the ability to design greater network security policies and successful incident response plans
  • Learn skills that foster resiliency and continuity of operations during attacks
  • Become a Certified Network Defender (CND)

Eric Reed has over 15 years' experience in IT consulting. He has consulted and delivered certification and customized training to the U.S. military, and for many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Eric has delivered CEH, CHFI, and ECSA/LPT for the last ten years and was named "EC-Council Instructor of the Year" seven times, as well as being the recipient of the Circle of Excellence Award in 2006, 2007 and 2010. Eric holds many industry certifications, including EC-Council's CND, CNDA, CHFI, ECSA, CEH and LPT.


Certified Network Defender (CND) (Voucher Included)
Item: 202104CTP806171  
Fee: $2,895.00
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