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Employment Law Certificate Course (Textbooks Included)  

Employment law is a branch of contract law that deals with relationships between employers and employees. This course will cover statutes such as the National Labor Relations Act, the Railway Labor Act, and other various statutes dealing with public employees. Topics to be included are master and servant, wages and hours, anti-discrimination in employment and minimum wages and maximum hours, as well as regulation of working conditions.


Employment Law Certificate Course (Textbooks Included)
Item: 202003LS21101  
Class Dates:  8/24/2020 - 10/9/2020
Course Objectives:

• Discuss the roots of the master-servant relationship

• Distinguish employment from independent contracting

• Distinguish employment at will from wrongful discharge

• Identify torts that can be brought against employers

• Examine discrimination in hiring

• Discuss accommodation in working conditions

• Identify labor organizations

• Discuss unfair labor practices

• Examine the structure of the National Labor Relations Act and the Railway Labor Act

• Identify constitutional protections against discrimination

• Discuss disability discrimination and accommodations

• Examine age discrimination in hiring and in retirement

OPEN ENROLLMENT Fee: $1,264.50
This is a 7-week course. The cost includes required text and recommended text for the program plus shipping and handling.